Macleod Brewing Company is a family owned, independent brewery that was established in 2016 by Ryan Macleod. Ryan has always been fascinated by the process of fermentation and started his brewing journey as a teenager. After years of home brewing and gaining experience from exploding bottles (and even exploding coconuts!) he found his way working at a leading whiskey distillery in Tasmania. He settled there for a few years before deciding to find his own place and start his own craft brewery. Ryan moved his family to the Sunshine Coast after finding the iconic “Big Barrel” in Maleny. Ryan thought that brewing in Maleny would be the perfect place because of the abundance of rain water, fresh air and natural ingredients in the local area.

Ryan's vision for the brewery is straightforward; simple recipes, executed with precision using only the highest quality ingredients. With that in mind, he set out to create a range of beers that would be carefully crafted to achieve the fullest flavour possible. The first beer to be brewed would encompass all of these values, an Imperial Scotch Ale coming in at 10.5% ABV, full of roasted malts and smooth caramel flavours. The second brew to be completed on the 15 hectolitre brew house was an English style Pale Ale. Malt forward, full bodied, with a citrus finish, this is an easy drinking ale that can be enjoyed during those hot Queensland summer months. At this point, Ryan realised he would need an extra pair of hands to help in the brew house. Enter Davy.

The story goes: "Davy walked into our brewery looking for work. Consider this his job interview." The job interview was to brew a light version of that Imperial Scotch Ale, include the full flavours from the roasted malts but keep the alcohol low. The fact that the beer is now called Davy's Scotch Ale Light and has become a permanent addition to the Macleod range would suggest that the job interview went well!

Ryan and Davy are now working together, developing recipes for maximum flavour beers. Check out the "Our Beer" page to see what we have on tap at the moment!



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